Pure Vanity Signature Skincare Products

The Pure Vanity signature skincare products line is an elite collection of professional, affordable products that address a variety of skin concerns including premature aging, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, discoloration, acne and post-laser recovery. Our exclusive formulations use results-driven ingredients that hydrate, protect and visibly transform your complexion. The scientifically advanced technology ensures that our skincare products contain the highest recommended levels of active components to be as effective as possible, complement our skincare offerings and exceed your expectations.


Pure Vanity signature cleansers are powerful enough to remove dirt, oil and impurities while still remaining gentle enough to use on a daily basis. We do not include colors, dyes, fragrances or sodium lauryl sulfate in our formulations.


Our nutrient-infused toners are formulated with powerful ingredients that restore hydration, refine pores, improve skin clarity and protect the skin from free radical damage.


Regular exfoliation leaves skin vibrant and smooth and allows for better performance of your skincare products. Our exfoliating skincare products are designed to help you extend the benefits of your facial treatments and keep your skin healthy between your Pure Vanity spa visits.


Our line of revitalizing moisturizers nourish the skin with key ingredients that soothe, hydrate, repair and protect the skin, leaving your complexion clear, soft, supple and radiant.


Our treatment products are formulated with concentrated, proven ingredients that are rich in nutrients and produce noticeable, long-lasting results. Your Pure Vanity skincare professional can assess your skin and suggest the right combination of these skincare products for you.