Radio Frequency & MicroNeedling: The Perfect Pair for Complexion Perfection

Perfect for all skin types!

FDA cleared, minimally invasive treatment that couples micro-needling with nano-fractional pins and radio frequency to not only improve skin tone and texture but tightens the skin all at the same time!
This skin resurfacing technology reduces skin damage, pigmentation, scars, stretch marks, acne scars, deep wrinkles, rosacea and enlarged pores.  

This new device is FDA cleared, and here’s how it works:

Radio Frequency rejuvenation treatments are the most effective non-surgical procedure available today.  In this treatment, tiny pins safely deliver heat (via nanofractional radio frequency) through the skin’s surface.  Don’t worry, these pins don’t actually puncture the skin.  The RF energy emitted by the pins will create tiny micro-dermal wounds, which the body works to heal naturally.  The healing process leads to repairs in skin damage (ie, wrinkles, scars and pigmentation) seen on the surface of the skin as well as builds collagen and elastin for firming and tightening deep below the skin’s surface.

The wounds are very tiny, so the treatments are much more comfortable than traditional CO2 lasers and produces excellent results with virtually no downtime! Numbing cream is applied as well to make the treatments virtually painless.

Originally only available through a plastic surgeon’s office at considerably high costs, this RF Microneedling technology is now available to you at a fraction of the cost!

While you will see results with just 1 treatment, 3-6 sessions are recommended for optimal results.