You may have seen the jade roller all over Instagram & Pinterest. Many are wondering, what are the benefits of the Jade Roller? Does it really work? Or is this just a trend?

Fun Fact: Jade rolling has been around since the 7th Century and was discovered by Chinese royalty. In other words, it’s been around long before the Kardashians!

For the past year skin experts and celebrities have been bringing attention to the popular beauty tool, leading to a resurgence of this centuries old beauty technique. Think of them as facial massagers that enhance the circulation to your skin, resulting in an improved complexion.

Jade Rollers are, as the name states, made of jade. Pink or green jade is used to roll on top of the skin and facial muscles. There are many benefits of jade rolling including improved lymphatic drainage, increased circulation, reduction of puffiness and of course, relaxation and overall feeling good!

Storing your jade roller in the fridge is another great tip to help reduce puffiness, redness and irritation. Pure Vanity is excited to offer this enhancement at no extra charge to all our Pure Perks Members facials for a limited time! ( Non-Members there is a nominal $15 upcharge)

Here are other great benefits of Jade Rolling:

  • Increases product absorption
  • Brightens skin
  • Reduces under-eye circles (especially if the roller is cold)
  • Tightens pores
  • Relieves tension

Authors: Natalie Cruz and Kanna Reilly