EGF has become the new secret to achieving healthy glowing skin .You may see a product out there that mentions EGF but what everyone wants to know is … what in the world is EGF and how does it benefit our skin?

EGF otherwise known as Epidermal Growth Factor was developed to speed wound recovery, EGF stimulates skin growth at the cellular level. It also increases collagen production and is best known for healing and tissue regeneration. Epidermal growth factors trigger cells to create new ones and start the cell renewal process. This growth factor multiplies which boosts collagen production.

Many are aware that growth factors naturally occur in our body and are responsible for the cellular communication in our bodies. We did our research and scientists have been awarded for this breakthrough in the beauty industry. In 1986, Stanley Cohen received the Nobel Prize for his work in discovering the role of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) in the regulation of cell growth and development. A study by Journal of drugs in dermatology was conducted and has proven that women between the ages of 29 and 75 showed that three months of using a topical application of EGF improved the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, smoothed skin texture, reduced pore size, reduced the appearance of sun damage, and hyperpigmentation!

Growth factors and cytokines are included in several products because of their ability to produce collagen and elastin. Cytokines are peptides that boost communication between cells. Cytokines benefit the healing process of skin, such as sun damage, and prevents damage from occurring. These growth factors signal cells to produce collagen, and cell renewal.

Here at Pure Vanity, we offer a topically applied EGF Rapid Repair Growth Factor Serum that you can easily incorporate into your daily skincare routine. We also offer skin rejuvenating services that include infusing EGF directly into the dermis with our topical light infusion device. Either way, we are helping clients achieve healthy skin by adding these much-needed Growth Factors into the skin. These techniques let us stay ahead of the aging process by soften fine lines and wrinkles and gain a smoother tone and texture to your skin!