Spring has arrived, summer is around the corner, which means it is time for spring skin care cleaning! The transition from winter to spring can be rough on your skin. You may have experienced dry, rough, itchy skin during those months of the season. So, this means you might want to switch up your daily routine to get your skin prepped for the spring season! What do you need to do to be glowing by summer time? Here are 6 Skin tips to get you ready for the sunnier days ahead:

  1. HELLO SPF: In the spring and summertime it is a good idea to amp up the SPF, especially living in Arizona. We are never fully protected from the sun, so applying sunscreen daily is important. Prevent potential skin issues and aging by implementing sunscreen into your skin care routine.
  2. EXFOLIATE: How to achieve that spring glow? exfoliating. During the winter season, our skin may feel dry, itchy, and flakey due to change in weather. The best way to replenish the skin is by exfoliating, which allows the pores to absorb nutrients and removes our dead skin cells.
  3. Lighten your Skin Care Regime: It is always good to mix it up, but in the spring time you want to be cautious about how much stuff is going onto your skin. Using a light weight oil-free moisturizer is going to lighten your load, without starting oil production and causing build-up on the skin.
  4. Hyaluronic: Provides the skin moisture and hydration it needs without weighing the face down with heavy lipids. Using a hyaluronic serum under your moisturizer will help keep your moisturizer locked in and maintain water retention.
  5. Declutter: If you have not used a product in the last six months or can’t place a date on how long a product has been open …toss it! The worst thing you can do is put an expired product on your skin. Invest in your skin and research what products you should switch to for upcoming season.
  6. Visit your Esthetician: The best way to achieve healthy radiant skin, is by getting advice from a skin care expert! Estheticians offer their expertise and will specialize any treatment for your skin. Don’t know what type of product to use? Estheticians will also customize a skin-care regime that benefits your areas of concern and will give you advice on what type of product your skin needs to achieve your skincare goals!