You’ve likely heard of these three anti-aging skincare ingredients but what are they and what do they do for your skin? Peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol—explained!

Pick up any fashion magazine, and you’re likely to find an article (or five!) about the latest anti-aging beauty secret. Those of us in the spa industry who live and breathe skincare, however, have our own beauty secrets. Meet three of them: Peptides, hyaluronic acid and retinol. These anti-aging all-stars are our staples for delivering youthful, healthy skin to our clients. You may have heard of them and had a skincare professional recommend that you use them. But what are they and what do they really do? We’ve got the answers!


What they are: Considered by many aesthetic professionals as a “cell-communicating” ingredient in skincare treatments, peptides are comprised of two or more amino acids that are linked together in a chain. Amino acids are the naturally occurring building blocks in the body and are vital to everyday living processes. Peptides act like messengers that stimulate responses in your skin, helping it to function and look and feel better.

What they do: Collagen is a protein found in skin that gives it thickness and suppleness. Because collagen is composed of long chains of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds, peptides play an important role in replacing lost collagen. As your skin ages, collagen production decreases and elastin fibers deteriorate. Skincare treatments and products with peptides link the two layers, helping stimulate the skin’s natural repair mechanism. Applying peptides topically to the skin through good skin care products signals the skin to produce more collagen.

What to use: Our Firming Peptide Crème, formulated with Matrixyl 3000, retinol and hyaluronic acid. Use twice daily, morning and night.

Hyaluronic Acid

What it is: Hyaluronic acid is a natural compound found in skin that serves many functions including holding moisture, aiding in tissue repair and supporting skin structural components like collagen and elastin. It is abundance in young skin and decreases over time. Free radicals, produced mostly through exposure to pollutants and sunlight, degrade and destroy hyaluronic acid.

What it does: When applied topically, anti-aging treatments with hyaluronic acid naturally plump the skin, thereby diminishing the appearance of fine lines. Hyaluronic acid helps retain the skin’s moisture content, prevent water loss, promote healing and provide a barrier of protection.

What to use: Our Hyaluronic Peptide Serum, formulated with a high concentration of medical-grade hyaluronic acid and minerals to boost hydration. Use twice daily, morning and night for at least 30 days.


What it is: Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that acts on DNA to promote healthy epidermal skin cells. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that protects your skin from free radicals, generates cell growth, and repairs damaged cells. Retinol belongs to a family called retinoids, and is one of the only substances that is small enough to penetrate the outer epidermal layer to the layer where collagen and elastin reside.

What it does: Applied topically, retinol products and treatments help keep pores clean, even out skin discoloration, restore vibrancy to the complexion, reduce oiliness, treat skin concerns such as acne and psoriasis and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also because of its potent nature, retinol stimulates collagen production, helping to restore a youthful, plump complexion.

What to use: Our Skin Perfecting Retinol Serum, formulated with a renewing blend of key ingredients including encapsulated retinol. Use nightly.

Reaping the Benefits

How do you get the benefits from these anti-aging superstars and incorporate them into your skincare routine? The experts at Pure Vanity Spa can recommend facial treatments and an at-home care routine for you skin type that guarantees the results you’re looking for from these ingredients.

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Facial and Feel by Pure Vanity Spa. pain-free laser hair removal near me, face lifts near me, body contouring in Scottsdale, anti-aging and anti-acne light therapy in Scottsdale, skincare spa