Dry, itchy skin? Blame it on the weather! Arid winter air can sap skin of moisture, leaving it parched and flaky. Follow these five tips to winterize your skincare routine.

No matter what part of the country you live or you may traveling to during the holidays, winter’s arid air and frigid temps can take a toll on your skin. A few simple tweaks to your daily skincare routine can minimize winter woes and protect your skin from getting dry, flaky and itchy. Grab your steamy pumpkin latte and read on for tips to keep your skin tip-top this winter

1. Make a clean sweep.

Your summer cleanser can strip dry winter skin of natural oils. Consider switching to a milky, creamy cleanser and trading your weekly facial scrub for a more gentle exfoliant. Our non-abrasive Exfoliating Enzyme Wash is an ideal product to use two to three times per week to exfoliate dry, dead tissue without stripping skin of much-needed hydration.

2. Take a new tone.

If you use an oil-absorbing astringent during the summer months, consider switching to a more hydrating toner. Look for toners with skin-comforting, anti-inflammatory ingredients like our Calming Cucumber Mist, which contains soothing organic aloe and cucumber extract. Rather than using a cotton ball to apply the toner, spray on a light layer and let air dry before continuing with your daily routine.

3. Hike up the hydration.

Trade your lightweight or gel-based moisturizer for one with more emollient ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which will help your skin to retain moisture. You don’t necessarily need a heavy, thick cream. Your aesthetician can assess your current skin health and recommend a winter moisturizer. Also, if you’re not currently using an eye treatment, now would be the time. Our Clinical Eye Repair helps diminish dark circles and puffiness while nourishing the area with natural fruit oils.

4. Snooze with a serum.

Nighttime is the right time to give your skin a booster shot of moisture. Add a nourishing serum to your nighttime routine like our Hyaluronic Peptide Serum, which is ideal for all skin types to boost hydration levels.

5. Don’t take lip service.

Dry, cracked lips are a common wintertime woe. Some wax and petroleum-based lip balms can actually make lips worse by signaling them to stop producing lipids. Banish dryness with a nourishing, natural oil-based lip treatment. Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex is a staff favorites.

Finally, we recommend kicking off the season with a chemical peel to rid your skin of summer damage and prep it for the changing climate. And don’t forget that daily sunscreen! The days may be getting shorter but the sun’s rays are just as damaging during the winter, especially if you’re in to winter sports like skiing.

Ready to love the skin you’re in—all year long? Call Pure Vanity today at (480) 419-8267 to schedule your skincare assessment and let us help you with your winter skincare plan.