Yes, real men do get facials. In fact, more men than ever are getting serious about taking care of their skin. For those of you new to the idea of men’s facials, here’s our quick start guide.

The facts are clear: spa guys are on the rise. According to a survey conducted for the International Spa Association, while spa visits by men held steady at about 30 percent for nearly a decade, it shot up dramatically to 47 percent in 2013. And although massage continues to be the most requested spa treatment among both men and women, an interest in results-driven facials and skincare treatments is also steadily increasing among men.

Here at Pure Vanity, we’ve seen a steady surge of men walking through our doors over the years. Our male clients are seeing real results from their dedication to making professional skincare part of their grooming routine. We have clients who visit us strictly for laser hair removal, many who are getting advanced treatments like Collagen Induction Therapy or Perfect Peels to reverse the years of sun damage, and some who simply look forward to their monthly facials. Men like what they see and who wouldn’t get a self-confidence boost from healthy, younger-looking skin, right?

Whether you’re just catching onto this thing called “men’s facials,” or you’re curious about how to integrate spa visits into your regular grooming regimen, here’s our manly men’s skincare guide to get you started.

Don’t be fooled.

First things first—in our world, there is no such thing as “men’s facials.” You won’t see them on our menu and you won’t see men’s products on our shelves. Why? Because every person who walks through our doors is an individual with specific needs. Certainly, we have different price points for laser hair removal based on the different needs of men and women, but skincare services and treatment plans are tailored to each individual, man or woman.

Skip the soap.

Guys, your all-in-one shampoo and body wash is not appropriate for your face. Sorry. Most shampoos and soaps contain chemicals that parch moisture and leave your complexion dry and lackluster. Although we have several great facial wash options (our Pineapple Exfoliating Cleanser is a favorite among our male clientele), start with a gentle drugstore brand. All we ask is that you don’t wash your face with shampoo. Deal?

Invest in these two things.

We get it. You don’t want your vanity cluttered with a bunch of lotions and creams. You’re a man on the go and the simpler, the better. Keep it to a minimum with two moisturizers — one for day and one for night For daytime, you absolutely need a moisturizer with broad-spectrum sunscreen. Nighttime is when your skin has a chance to heal and repair without the barrage of environmental factors. Look for a nighttime treatment that promotes tissue repair like our Hydrating Soy Cream.

Keep it consistent.

Finally, whether you’ve decided on a series of peels, micro-needling, monthly facials or laser hair treatments, consistency is key. Follow your aesthetician’s advice about your treatment plan to get the best results and the most bang for your buck. Once you’ve achieved the results you want, maintenance will also be key. Trust your aesthetician. At Pure Vanity, we only hire the very best most qualified professionals.

Men, are you ready to kick up your skincare regimen or finally deal with that unwanted hair or complexion imperfections?  Call us today at (480) 419-8267 and book your custom facial or consult with a Pure Vanity aesthetician.